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We strive to be the best Roofing company in the Bay Area! Our License # 1006470

Whether you prefer a hip and valley roof, gable, gambrel, mansard, dormer, flat, or gazebo, we handle roofing on any kind of building with any material that you choose or that best suits your situation. 

We also specialize in gutters and roofing repairs. When analyzing rooftop work, it is  always best to gather as much information as possible about the original construction of the  property. You can call us any time in the event of major or minor storm damage.

We will provide you with effective assistance in a timely manner.

An overview of our services:
– New roof installation 
– Re-roofing projects
-Low to High pitched roof services 
– Composition Shingle roofs
-Tile Roofs 
-Flat roofs (single ply installation, 3ply torch system / TPO services)
-Seamless Metal roof covering 
-Wood shakes & shingles 
-Skylight Installation 
-Tear-off & Hauling 
-New Seamless Gutters / Downspouts replacement & cleaning

Types of Roof Installations

Presidential Shake

Top tier performing asphalt shingles with a luxurious pattern, that come in a variety of colors. Presidential surpasses your standard composition shingle.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

This roof system features seams that connect panels, giving the roof a distinct, and attractive, appearance. Furthermore, standing seam systems are manufactured from high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life.

Spanish Tile/Flat Tile

Clay tile roofs are some of the oldest roofing materials available, dating back thousands of years. While there are several different styles of clay terracotta roofs, the Spanish style tiles became popular in the American Southwest and Southeast due to their ability to transfer heat in hotter climates like California and Florida.

Wood shakes/Wood Shingles

Some homes prefer a rustic look to complement homes with country-style architecture that Wood shakes & shingles offer. As a poor conductor of heat, wood is one of the best insulating materials there is. This means you can make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Wood shakes are also resistant to wind damage.

Granulated Modified Bitumen

Granulated modified bitumen requires an open-flame propane torch. In this installation method, sheets of modified bitumen are rolled out onto the roof, and a roofing professional uses a hand-held propane torch to heat the material and adhere it to the surface. Once the layers reach the right temperature, seams are melted together to create a waterproof seal. The membrane layers of a torch down roof are made of an asphalt compound called bitumen that is modified with either rubber or plastic. The main strength of this type of roofing is that it can expand and contract without melting or cracking. It has a high tolerance for the heat and the Both cold it will experience on the roof During the change of seasons.


We work with solar companies! If you are looking to install solar panels on your roof, we will work directly with solar companies to prep and protect any exposed areas on your roof, so your solar panels will be installed properly along with your roof.

Repairs, Restorations, and more

Our company consists exclusively of qualified roofers with 15 years plus of working in the roofing industry. We continuously train them so that they can offer you the latest technologies and materials.

Machu Picchu offers you a broad range of services.

– Roof Restoration
– Roof Replacement
– Roof Maintenance
-6yr Warranty with every new roof installation 

If you need roof repairs, we are here to help you in any way.

From the initial evaluation, to the final touches of a well finished project. Each commercial
property is different, so each has different needs. Therefore, our consultation begins by
viewing the property and informing you of the options you have.

Gutter & Downspout Services

In addition to roofing services, we also experts in gutter and downspout installation, repair, and cleaning. 

– We offer a variety of color options from the darkest grays to the whitest whites, with alternating styles to choose from. 

– We will take your old gutters and downspouts, and dispose of them ourselves, leaving you worry-free of unwanted clutter and debris. 

-Living in a two story house? No problem! We have the appropriate tools to get up in those high spaces and install lengthy pieces!

-To save you time, our gutters team works alongside our roofing team so both new gutters and roof can be installed same day!

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